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Residential Window Tinting
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Specializing in Solar Control

Designed to offer the best experience in terms of comfort, energy savings, and aesthetics. Solar Control films are customized to meet your needs. Panorama window films are sold exclusively to A-1 Glass on the Central Coast who is a part of the Panorama Elite Window Film Network by Solar Gard.

Take advantage of the benefits of tinting your residence or commercial building today. A-1 Glass offers competitive rates and a lifetime guarantee on the installation and film – that means, you’ll never have to worry about our product peeling, bubbling or fading.
Benefits of Residential Window Tinting:

  • Block the heat from entering your home or building: When the hot weather becomes unbearable, save on your A/C bills. Block the suns heat better than with curtains or blinds. Only a few degrees in temperature reduction can have up to a 25% reduction in cooling costs, due to the laws of thermodynamics. It requires considerable amounts of energy to remove heat from a room through air conditioning. With A-1 Glass’ one-time tinting services, loads on air conditioning systems can be reduced enough to turn off entire units or to install a less costly system.
  • Improve privacy & appearance: Enjoy the light while not allowing others to see inside. A-1 Glass’ Window Films (aka window tints) provide daytime or 24-hour privacy to your home while still admitting filtered light
  • Protection from sun damage: In addition to the energy saving benefits, solar window film can increase thermal comfort, reduce glare, while at the same time rejecting 99% of the UV radiation reducing fading of furniture, tapestries and the risk of skin cancer.
  • Safety: Some window tints are shatter resistant which means that if burglars would try to go inside your home through your windows, you can be sure that your window tints will protect your window from breaking. Of course, if continued force will be applied to it, it will eventually break but it would give some sort of protection to your home.

Customer Testimonial

“I am extremely pleased with my recent purchase and installation of of A-1 Glass’ High Performance Ceramic Residential Window Film. I have recently purchased the film to help with the heat that accumulates inside my home from a large bank of windows. I live on the Central Coast, and we do not have AC, but with the large amount of windows in the house, I needed something to help with the heat factor. I spent time researching the right product. This was it! On a recent hot summer day the temperature outside was 100 plus, yet as I looked at my temperature gauge inside the house it registered at 83 degrees! This is a huge difference from what the tempt. use to be! I know that the film has helped tremendously, but this was actual evidence! Also, the installation was done perfectly. Installation is an important factor. I observed the installers that stayed with the job, and were very particular in how the end result would look. People that come to my house can not tell that I have the film on the windows, because there is no indications from the perfect installation, and also because the film is clear. This is a quality product that was installed very well. I am extremely pleased!” – Homeowner in Cambria, CA (September 2017)”

Choose A-1 Glass for your auto, residential and/or commercial tinting needs – we are a family owned and operated company you can trust into your home or building, and we guarantee all of our services and products for a lifetime. We offer a wide variety of residential window tint shades (including a clear U/V protection film) that you can choose from.