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Do you need a piece of glass cut for your home or hobby project? We can help! Add sparkle while protecting to your dining room or coffee tables, or add a splash of mirror to a back wall in your home.

We proudly offer:
* Custom cut glass
* Beveled glass
* Mitered glass
* Picture frame glass
* Plexiglass and Lexan
* Laminated glass
* Non-glare glass
* Decorative pattern glass
* Mirrors
*  Window tinting/film options are also available for privacy and interior protection

There are a wide variety of glass edge options. In flat glass like mirrors, tabletops, and shelves, you can specify the type of edgework you prefer. If you were to opt for no edgework, it would leave you with sharp edges that would only be recommended if all raw edges will be completely concealed in a frame.


A light sanding produces seamed edges. The finish is non-uniform, and almost appears wavy. In thinner pieces of glass-like 1/8” (or double strength), this non-uniformity may not be noticeable. Still, on pieces of 1/4” or 3/8” glass, the disparity can be visible, particularly on shelves and mirrors. Polished edges are produced by buffing the glass’s edge with a fine abrasive material and polishing oil. The result is a beautiful translucent finish. Flat polished edges are excellent options for the thicker glass used in shelves and frameless shower enclosures.
In addition to the options pictured below, others are available such as ogee, triple pencil polish (waterfall), wave, or chipped.

We offer a wide variety of glass products to choose from: flat, tinted and textured for all your glass needs including kitchen cabinet glass, obscure privacy window and door glass, and more. Our manufacturers have state-of-the-art glass fabrication and tempering facilities that insure we deliver the highest quality product possible.

Glass Example One

Glass Example Two

Not seeing what you want? For more options, CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL DECORATIVE GLASS OPTIONS on pages 5-7 of the brochure.

A-1 Glass proudly offers a wide variety of decorative mirrors including antique, bronze and clear mirror. Visit our showroom to touch and feel and explore samples to make the best selection for your design needs. Additionally, we can fabricate mirrors to include custom edgework including shapes, beveling, polishing and cutouts for your outlets and lights. Create a wall of mirror to open up your space and let the light in!
Keep in mind that a mirror’s environment is it’s worst enemy. Over time, humidity, atmospheric conditions, ammoniated cleaners and many other substances eat away at a mirror’s protective coatings and corrode the reflective surface. This is commonly known as “black edge”. A-1 Glass offers copper-free mirror that is proven superior over conventional copper mirror. To learn more, download the brochure.


We offer a wide assortment of vanity mirrors.  No matter what your budget or taste, we have something for you. Take a closer look at the model by clicking here. You can also use filters to fine-tune your viewing.