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What is it?
A-1 Glass uses a patented clear paint protection film technology that protects your vehicles vulnerable painted surface.  Also known as a ‘clear bra’, our clear film protects against:chips from small stones, sand, winter salt, minor impacts, road debris, bug acid, scratches, etc.

Why do I need it?
Bugs, rocks, sand and other various road debris begin attacking your automobile the second it leaves the showroom floor. They chip through the clear coat and paint leaving your car helpless against daily driving conditions decreasing the value of your automobile. Until recently, the only practical solution to these problems were vinyl/leather car bras that offered poor coverage and often cause as much damage as they prevent. Now there is a clear solution to protecting your paint.

How does it work?
Once applied, A-1 Glass’ paint protection film provides a clear barrier for your paint’s surface against harsh, environmental elements and everyday wear. Unlike using a leather car bra, our clear film remains invisible, allowing your vehicle’s aesthetics to shine through.
Self-healing polymer technology keeps the film looking new year round and our product is noted for its durability, superior clarity and high gloss. Approved and used by Automotive OEM’s, our flexible film provides excellent resistance to the damaging effects of U.V., while allowing the brilliance of the automotive finish to shine through.

Key features:
* Ultimate protection against rock chips
* Self-Healing
* U.V. inhibitors to resist discoloration and cracking
* State-of-the-art precision computer-cut designs
* Protects against smudges & abrasions
* OEM Approved
* Limited lifetime warranty