We offer the Best Interior and Exterior Auto Detailing Services in San Luis Obispo

A-1 Glass offers exterior and interior auto detailing for a range of vehicles, including:

• Cars
• Boats
• Motorhomes
• Recreational Vehicles
• Fifth Wheel Trailers
• Campers
• Custom and Classic Cars
• Motorcycles
• Airplanes/Aircraft

When auto detailing the interior of your vehicle, we want your vehicle to look its best for as long as possible, as you’ll be more likely to call us in the future, and feel happy and confident to refer our auto detailing services to your friends and family.

We specialize in, and are true experts with black, red and other dark colored vehicles, as well as the big, tough jobs that most of our competitors can’t or won’t do including but not limited to: RV detailing, boat details and even aircraft and airplane detailing. We are also experienced in cleaning engines and engine compartments in cars, trucks, boats and RVs, and use the highest quality solutions and materials available. We do it ALL with quality and integrity in mind, and we are conveniently located in downtown Paso Robles!

Auto Detailing Paso Robles

We’ll wash your vehicle from the top down, removing dirt, bugs, and road film. Excessive tar, pollution, industrial fallout, hard water spots, oxidation, and overspray can also be removed at a reasonable extra cost. We provide a range of exterior detailing services to meet your needs, including:

• Washing
• Tar Removal
• Brake Dust Removal
• Tree Sap Removal
• Wax and Paint Sealing
• Scratch Removal
• Buffing
• Polishing
• Paint Correction
• Degreasing
• Motor and Tire Cleaning
• Water Spot Removal
• Headlight Restoration
• Clay Bar


Why not let us give your car a detail and the extra love it needs while you already have it in our shop for service? Ask about our multiple car discounts. Add a car detail or car wash to your window tinting or auto glass replacement service and get a discount!  We also offer multi-care discounts, so tell your friends or loved ones to get their vehicle done at the same time and we’ll help you save money.